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Our mission is to create sustainable change to end hunger and nutritional deficiencies in Monroe County through access, education and partnership. Our council is committed to working with the City of Monroe, local non-profit organizations, and food suppliers in an effort to increase food access for everyone in need. We provide technical assistance, education, and support on issues related to food access, food distribution, health/nutrition and organizational planning.

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Community Data

Food Environment

In 2013, there were 17 full service supermarkets located in Monroe County. There are 12 Limited Service stores located within the study area, and 5 farmers' markets. SNAP benefits are accepted at 108 participating stores, farmer's markets, social service agencies or other non retail providers in Monroe County.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides survey data about the health of the residents within an area. Their Monroe County report concluded lack of nutrition and readily accessible, healthy food alternatives were the main causes for 36.41% of the population to be overweight and 32.03% to be classified as obese.

Food Assistance

Almost one of every seven Michigan residents, including one in four Michigan children, currently receive food stamp benefits. Nearly 607,000 children are SNAP recipients, which is about 27 percent of Michigan's under-18 population. In 2016, the average number of monthly recipients in Monroe County was 15,466.

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